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FMA Choose Your Author/Artist Challenge
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Fullmetal Alchemist Fic and Art Challenge!
fma_cya is a sister community to cya_ficathon, except the focus is on Fullmetal Alchemist rather than Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel. The purpose of the community challenge is to provide the type of story or art you'd really like to receive.

I Each participant must fill out the following form:

01) Author/Artist Name:
02) Email:

03) Genre(s) you write/draw (Gen, Romance, Angst, Horror, Gender Bender, etc.):
04) Genre(s) you do not write/draw:
05) Highest rating you write/draw (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17):
06) Which characters/pairings would you write/draw with your eyes closed?:
07) Do you only write/draw those characters/pairings and don't want to do anything else?:
08) If there's a character/pairing you'd like to experiment with, it'd be...
09) Would you write/draw Unconventional Pairings? (UC: couples that were never seen any of the series, i.e.: Winry/Roy, Lust/Olivier)
10) Would you write/draw Slash Pairings? (If so, yaoi and/or yuri?)
11) Would you write/draw AR? (Alternate Reality, strays from canon at one point):
12) Would you write/draw AU? (Alternate Universe, has very loose connections to canon or none at all. Includes 'REAL WORLD fic'):
13) Would you write/draw crossovers? (If so, with which fandoms?)
14) If there is an arc you would focus in it'd be...
15) Your focus is Manga, First Anime/Conqueror of Shamballa, Brotherhood, Star of Milos, Prince of Dawn, Broken Angel, Crimson Elixir, Bluebird’s Illusion?
16) Which characters/pairings would you never, ever write/draw?:
17) How long would your story be? (~1000 words, ~5000 words, etc):
18) Give an example of what kind of art you’d do:
18) How much do you want to be challenged? (Give me something simple/Give me the wackiest request ever/Something in-between.):
19) Would you write/draw back-up?
20) Would you beta? (If yes, please say what pairings/characters you'd beta):
21) Comments, suggestions:

II Once the Participant List is posted, you will choose three participants (no more, no less).

III Leave your requests (max. three, one per participant) as a reply to that post.

IV The assignment should be in your mail box within the next two weeks.

V While there will always be an official deadline, works can be posted prior to that date.

Note: FMA_CYA has an AO3 archive, FMA_CYA. If you have an account with Archive of Our Own, you can post your work there as well.